Jack C. Hanagriff

Regional Risk Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection Program
Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security, City of Houston


Jack Hanagriff is a 36-year veteran with the Houston Police Department. For the last 10 years he has been on special assignment to the Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security where he currently serves as the Coordinator of the Regional Risk Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection Program. In this position, he shepherds the efforts of multi-disciplinary stakeholders across 13 counties in the Houston Region. He has developed an organization and governance structure to identify, catalog, assess, and analyze their assets, leveraging technology, Federal guidance, and the private sector where appropriate.

Jack is the Technology Coordinator for Homeland Security Projects and oversees key initiatives related to data content sharing, situation management, cyber security and edged technology implementation that supports many aspects of public safety. He is project lead for two Technology Sandboxes in Houston pairing emerging technology with public safety and public service needs to create a Smart City Ecosystem. He chairs the Houston UASI Risk Management Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee, and is strategy lead of the Houston Regional Cyber Security Work group which pursues several projects to identify and assess risks, helping to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and physical security.