david clark company

David Clark Company offers the new Series 9100 Digital Intercom System, a programmable IP based headset communication solution for law enforcement, interdiction, SAR, fire boats and other workboat applications, integrating an unlimited number of users and devices (e.g., radios, hailers, etc) with headsets usable as either wired or wireless devices. Click here to learn more   


DMT, LLC is a ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of security and surveillance radar solutions.   DMT specializes in port, airport, waterside, stadium, government, energy, border and drone detection security solutions.   DMT is integrated with key software packages and many camera solutions such as ATAK, TACCS Priority 5, FLIR, MOOG, and more.  Click here to learn more

Getac Video Solutions

Getac Video Solutions’ evidence capture and management solutions provide seamless connectivity through its category leading Body Worn and mobile cameras, powerful DVRs, easy to use displays to your cloud or on premises storage. GVS is the solution that meets all your digital needs.    Click here to learn more


Gresco Technology Solutions

We are your go-to Unmanned Aerial Systems experts for starting and maintaining industrial and commercial drone operations. Gresco Technology Solutions is a certified sales, installation, support and training provider for the Aeroscope series, a passive system that provides the operator with the precise location of the drone & home position. Aeroscope is designed to gain airspace situational awareness for disaster response and recovery operations, TFR enforcement, stadiums, arenas, large outdoor venues, and high-security events. For more information, visit our website at GrescoUAS.com and email us at UAS@gresco.com.


HALO Maritime Defense Systems

HALO Maritime Defense Systems floating barriers and gates provide essential security to critical assets that are vulnerable to water-borne access. Government, commercial, and private assets on the water have a critical need for protection from intrusion, destruction, or theft. HALO Maritime Defense Systems is uniquely qualified to provide maritime security solutions for the protection of naval bases, naval ships, LNG terminals and tankers, and other vulnerable resources. Click here for more info


The HamiltonJet waterjet is one of the most advanced and innovative marine propulsion systems in use today, and is at the forefront of waterjet propulsion technology. HamiltonJet pioneered the development of the modern waterjet system over 60 years ago, adapting technology initially designed for shallow river operation to suit all manner of inshore and offshore vessels. In doing so we discovered the wide range of advantages waterjets have over other forms of propulsion.

The HamiltonJet Waterjet is particularly suited to high speed planing vessels operating in the 20 to 50 knot range, but can also be successfully used in displacement speed vessels in certain situations.

It is important to understand that waterjet propulsion operates quite differently to conventional propeller propulsion systems. This results in many advantages, along with a few disadvantages, when compared to propellers for any particular application. Click here for more info

Inventech Marine Solutions (IMS)

Inventech Marine Solutions (IMS) was founded with the goal of becoming the forward most thinking company in the marine industry. Our culture builds on the ideas of looking forward to better all aspects of marine used products. We believe in designing, testing, and perfecting new technologies that focus on safety, usability, and versatility to all users. These technologies are made available through our two brands FAST and Life Proof Boats. Click here for more info

Innovative Signal Analysis, Inc., (ISA)

Innovative Signal Analysis, Inc., (ISA), is a leading provider of high performance, real-time signal and image processing systems. ISA works in all phases of system and product development, from conception, through development and integration, to operations and maintenance of challenging mission critical systems. ISA’s WAVcam(TM) is an innovative video system designed for persistent surveillance applications demanding constant high resolution wide area coverage and target detection using visible or mid-wave infrared sensors. It has applications in the military and homeland security as well as law enforcement surveillance, large event monitoring, airport security, and disaster response. Click here to learn more

MetalCraft Marine Incorporated

MetalCraft Marine Incorporated is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom aluminum high-speed patrol, fire and rescue boats. With over 27 years of experience and a team of over 150 full-time designers, craftsmen and support staff, MCM has designed/built over 600 custom boats for customers around the world.  Click here to learn more

Metal Shark

Metal Shark is a leading shipbuilder specializing in the design and production of boats and ship for military, law enforcement, fire rescue, and a wide spectrum of commercial applications. At three fully self-contained facilities in Alabama and Louisiana, Metal Shark manufactures vessels in aluminum, steel, and fiberglass, with current capabilities supporting production for vessels up to 300’ in length.   Click here to learn more    

National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO)

The National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) is the unified maritime voice of the United States Intelligence Community (IC). It operates as an IC Service of Common Concern to integrate and streamline intelligence support, providing a whole of government solution to maritime information sharing challenges. Click here for more info



North River Boats, located in Roseburg OR, is a manufacturer of heavy gauge commercial and government boats ranging from 20′ up to 58′ in length. We specialize in building custom boats to meet the exacting needs of our customers. Contact us today to see how we can tailor a boat to meet your specific needs. Click here for more info


As a designer and builder of inflatable and rigid inflatable boats, RIBCRAFT produces professional grade boats for military and law enforcement agencies, fire/rescue, and private industry. With models ranging from 14’ to 41’, RIBCRAFT offers RIBs and inflatables capable of fulfilling any mission.   Click here for more info

Port Training

The Introduction to Maritime Industry course is designed to provide law enforcement and security professionals a comprehensive introduction to the maritime industry. This free, online educational resource provides up-to-date information about the ships, ports, terminals and professionals of the maritime transportation system. Students taking this course can access basic information about key policies, government and private sector governance structures, coastal, offshore and multi-modal industrial practices of the maritime transportation sector. Those responsible for protecting our nation from harm can complete this free training to gain valuable insights about each component that makes up the critical infrastructure at the core of the American economy.  Access the Introduction to Maritime Industry course at no cost online:  https://nmio.port.training/


QPI is a Valkyrie owned subsidiary specializes in Government procurement, especially sales to Military Services and the major Defense Contractors. The primary mission of our company is to increase our clients’ business in the near term with sales that exceed corporate expectations. We have a proven track record of significant sales growth for our clients’ products even in the current reduced Defense budget environment. We strive to identify new business opportunities in the shortest amount of time by thoroughly accomplishing market research and matching our clients’ products to Customer decision makers. Once a match is made, we follow up with product demonstrations to enhance the probability of Customer evaluations and sales.

QPI is the U.S. Rep. for DSPNOR Radar Processing. DSPNOR is an independent employee owned company located in Bergen, Norway. DSPNOR area of expertise is radar signal processing and distribution. DSPNOR’s products are capable of interfacing to virtually any radar system in use today.  Click here for more info


SAFE Boats International is a dynamic, industry-leading aluminum boat manufacturer specializing in platforms used in a wide variety of applications, including, but not limited to, military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and even pleasure.  Click here for more info


Silent Sentinel

Silent Sentinel designs, manufactures, and supplies advanced market-leading surveillance and security systems targeted at the Maritime and Homeland Security markets.  These platforms incorporate the latest electro optical sensors including, long-range cooled and uncooled thermal cameras, SWIR cameras, 4K ultra low-lowlight cameras and illumination technologies.  With over 30,000 systems in the field across over 50 countries, Silent Sentinel’s IP67 rated and non-ITAR camera platforms are ruggedized and ready for harsh maritime environments anywhere in the world. Click here to learn more

Silver Ships

Since its founding in 1985, Silver Ship’s vision is to provide customers with a boat designed, built, outfitted and best-suited to meet their operational needs while offering the maximum in crew safety and outstanding performance. These boats range in size from 21’ to 65’ in length, are built to American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards, can be built to U.S. Coast Guard Regulations for Inspected Vessels, if required, and are currently operating on a worldwide basis. Silver Ships’ product line includes all-welded aluminum boats used for applications such as: military, police, fire, rescue, EMS, patrol, utility, survey, landing craft, line handling, oil spill services, water sampling, water taxis, workboats, pilot boats and passenger boats. Silver Ships also offers a complete Refurbishment Program for all makes and models of aluminum workboats.  Click here for more info


SSR Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1999 by senior radar system and software engineers from Hughes Aircraft. While at Hughes Aircraft, the group developed surface search radars such as the AN/SPS-73 for the United States Coast Guard and United States Navy. With this knowledge, over twelve years’ experience in the development of high-performance radar systems implemented on COTS components, and a company culture focused on superior service, SSR Engineering stands out when pursuing advanced radar-processing solutions. Click here for more info


Technology, quality, leadership and life. Four cornerstones that drive us to produce products to keep you safe and comfortable.   So innovative, our designs are the most copied personal flotation devices in the industry.

Stearns water safety products are engineered to exceed the world’s toughest criteria by exceeding the demanding qualifications of the U.S. Depart of Defense, International Military, State and Local Marine and First Responder Units, The International Maritime Organization, The European Community, and others.  

Because at Stearns, “protecting those who work the seas” is our business.  Click here for more info


Steiner makes trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The successful pursuit and capture of these moments demands the fast and precise detection, location and identification of a distant objective. Whether the objective is wild life, a marine bearing, law enforcement suspect or military combatant, our optics enhance an individual’s most important sense, vision, so that on land or sea –– Nothing Escapes You.  Click here for more info


With over 60 years of radar technology experience and over 1600 radar systems installed worldwide – including approximately 800 Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS), 300 Coastal Surveillance sites, and 110 airport Surface Movement Radar (SMR) applications – Terma is the market leader in the defense, security and surveillance sector. Click here to learn more

ThayerMahan is a Groton, CT based marine autonomy company developing custom-tailored solutions to a variety of government and commercial customers. Responsive to multiple mission sets, the organization provides acoustic and electronic autonomous surveillance and monitoring solutions along with detailed mapping and seafloor characterization capabilities. Through these offerings, the organization delivers the actionable, cross-domain intelligence necessary for decision superiority.   Click here to learn more

Zodiac MilPro

Zodiac MilPro has more than 100 years of Zodiac technical heritage to draw from, with facilities in Spain, the USA, Canada and Australia. Zodiac MilPro vessels are used worldwide by navies as well as by fisheries, customs, rescue and other government authorities — including where boarding or naval interdiction operations are required in potentially dangerous situations, whether the danger can originate from sea conditions or a target vessel.  Click here to learn more