Karl Birgir Björnsson

CEO and Co-Founder
Hefring Marine

Karl Birgir Björnsson is the CEO and co-founder of Hefring Marine, an Icelandic company developing intelligent systems for optimization and analysis of vessel operations. His journey in the industry began in 2017 as Head of Business Development for Icelandic boat builder, Rafnar. His tasks there included establishing and managing customer relationships, as well as leading efforts to establish licensing and franchising agreements for the company’s unique vessel hull, design and brand in several markets. He established Hefring Marine with his co-founders, Magnús Þór Jónsson and Björn Jónsson, in 2019 following their studies on impact and vibration exposure in high-speed boats, with the aim of providing operators with a tool to prevent injuries through decision-support that could be used across platforms. Prior to his involvement in the industry, he was a senior financial analyst in Corporate Development for a NASDAQ listed medical device company, focusing on mergers & acquisitions