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S&P Global Market Intelligence

Data, analysis and expertise to empower you with critical intelligence.
As the foremost provider of information sources and solutions to the global markets, S&P Global Market Intelligence offers high quality open-source data and advanced analytics to our Defense and National Security partners providing an unparalleled decision advantage in today’s complex supply chain.

Our unique ability to follow global trade routes by sea, energy supply and infrastructure, understanding of political violence, economic turbulence and answering the question “what if”, completes the picture of operation in today’s unstable environment.  Click here to learn more.



Bruker provides a range of CBRNE detection equipment for seaports and critical infrastructure. Its’ leading edge technology is currently in use at many seaports and facilities throughout the world.

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RAPIDplus: The RAPIDplus is a highly reliable and robust second generation stand-off detector that can automatically Detect, Identify and Monitor all known Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and important Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) at long distances. Click here to learn more.

DE-tector flex: The Bruker DE-tector flex is a trace detection system that fulfils the requirements of these two typical applications perfectly. By swabbing an individual’s property with a non-scratch, disposable swab and inserting it into DE-tector flex, traces of these two classes of substance can be identified automatically; and within a matter of seconds. Click here to learn more.

RoadRunner: The Bruker RoadRunner, an innovative, hand-held explosives and narcotics trace detector has passed the challenging ECAC testing protocol with outstanding results and is now the only handheld explosives trace detection instrument (ETD) on the market that meets ECAC standards for both, passenger and cargo screening using hand or wand sampling. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn about Bruker’s full suite of Port and Maritime Security Solutions

Chase Defense

Provider of high performance VBSS equipment designed to meet military requirements for boarding and entry operations. With deployments occurring and on-going across the globe, we designed our products to be robust and simple to use while meeting form and function as required. They can be deployed in any environment and are designed to withstand the rigors of military use.  Click here to learn more.



david clark company

David Clark Company offers the new Series 9100 Digital Intercom System, a programmable IP based headset communication solution for law enforcement, interdiction, SAR, fire boats and other workboat applications, integrating an unlimited number of users and devices (e.g., radios, hailers, etc) with headsets usable as either wired or wireless devices.  Click here to learn more.



Echodyne radars deliver advanced ESA radar performance in the market’s only commercially exportable, low SWaP, solid-state format. Echodyne’s radar solutions are trusted by Defense, Government, and Commercial customers as the foundation for better situational awareness and safer outcomes. Click here to learn more.


Esri is a global leader in geospatial technology, helping over 300,000 organizations enhance decision-making and operational efficiency in safety and security through GIS. Esri’s ArcGIS software empowers users with command, control, and collaboration capabilities to support a wide range of analytical and operational workflows, from human trafficking to infrastructure protection to port security. Fusing dynamic data with geographic data creates an intuitive picture that allows organizations to better understand and respond to complex security problems.  Click here to learn more.


Hefring ehf.

Hefring ehf. is a technology company based in Iceland that specializes in the development of digital guidance and monitoring solutions to augment the vessel operating experience. The company’s product, Hefring marine, helps to ensure that boats are operated in a safe and efficient operational envelope. The solution uses intelligent proprietary methods to generate real-time speed guidance optimized for safety, impact reduction, comfort and fuel efficiency. The system automatically varies its guidance to reflect prevailing conditions, actual speed and vessel motions. The solution helps to ensure duty of care, reduce human errors, improve safety and operator behaviour, aid training and personnel development, and reduce costs related to fuel consumption and vessel lifecycle costs. All data is recorded to and presented in a fleet management desktop portal that provides insightful analysis into each trip, vessel and operator and saves a log of all historical trips. Click here to learn more.

JENOPTIK North America, Inc.

The Light & Safety division provides innovative and industry-leading solutions for road safety and public security. Our customers include local and central government, police and enforcement agencies, as well as public and private organizations.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR) is at the core of our product portfolio, covering a diverse range of applications such as average speed enforcement (section speed control), vehicle monitoring, red light violations and tolling. Our services range from initial consultation, design and manufacture through to installation and on-going maintenance. We also offer a variety of data management solutions and services for automated data processing, reporting and analytics as well as system integration.

With a presence in more than 80 countries, supported by a strong partner network, we have delivered over 30,000 systems for traffic law enforcement worldwide. Jenoptik’s Light & Safety division is a world-leading supplier, with products and services constantly evolving to help make roads, journeys and communities safer around the globe. Click here to learn more.

Jet Dock

Jet Dock floating lift systems allow government agencies to create waterside facilities that are environmentally friendly, and modular, changeable and portable. Jet Dock government boat lifts provide dry docking launch and retrieval for response boats in seconds and provide excellent access for hull and engine maintenance. Dry docking vessels will reduce haul outs allowing agencies to focus on core duties. Our easy drive-on floating lifts replace traditional lifts, boat hoists and trailers, and provide a convenient dry dock for outboard boats, stern drives, jet drives and personal watercraft of all shapes and sizes. In keeping your vessel high and dry, and clean, you will minimize breakdowns and improve reliability and performance. Most importantly response vessels can be kept on the water for quick launch without being water stored. The Performance Aqua Pad Boat Dock’s submersible stern section makes launching and retrieval effortless. Dry docking is safe and controlled, performed completely from the security of the helm station.

Floating marina slip systems are available in any shape, size or design and will work in deep water, shallow water or no water. Your modular floating dock of today can be a multi-slip shape dock tomorrow with simple widening, lengthening or onsite reconfiguration.

Jet Dock Systems, Inc. has been awarded General Services Administration contract # A7-QSW-A24D000G for selling to the United States government, armed forces and other Federal Agencies.  Click here to learn more.


Johnson Hicks Marine Electronics

Johnson Hicks is your technical solution provider for maritime and land based surveillance, communication, and navigation products. As a leading provider of equipment to government agencies from various brands such as FLIR, Garmin, Raymarine, SHOXS, & Furuno we provide agencies with turnkey solutions and products that increase operational capability, safety, and reliability.  Click here to learn more.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is a 4-year state university offering bachelor of science degree programs in: Emergency Management/Homeland Security, Marine Science, Safety, Environmental Protection, International Maritime Business, Facilities Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering. In two programs students graduate with a US Coast Guard license.

The Academy has a robust internship program and strong partnerships with many employers in a variety of industries. For more information about the Emergency Management students and graduates:
Emergency Management:
To post job openings to new graduates and seasoned alumni:
MMA Job Shopper:

MDA Geospatial Services, Inc.

MDA Maritime Insights™ is a multi-source intelligence and surveillance solution that enables maritime intelligence users to exploit near real-time multi-source SAR vessel detections from RADARSAT-2 and others, combined with other maritime surveillance data to detect and track dark vessel activities. Click here to learn more


MetalCraft Marine Inc

MetalCraft Marine Incorporated is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom aluminum high-speed patrol, fire and rescue boats. With over 27 years of experience and a team of over 150 full-time designers, craftsmen and support staff, MCM has designed/built over 600 custom boats for customers around the world.  Click here to learn more.


Metal Shark

Metal Shark is a leading shipbuilder specializing in the design and production of boats and ship for military, law enforcement, fire rescue, and a wide spectrum of commercial applications. At three fully self-contained facilities in Alabama and Louisiana, Metal Shark manufactures vessels in aluminum, steel, and fiberglass, with current capabilities supporting production for vessels up to 300’ in length.    Click here to learn more.

Moose Boats LLC

For over 20 years, Moose Boats, LLC has been building the highest quality diesel aluminum catamarans and monohull boats in the industry. Each custom designed vessel is engineered to meet the mission specific requirements for law enforcement, emergency response, security patrol, and a variety of other industrial applications.

Moose Boats are known for their sensible design, durability, comfort, safety, fit & finish. These tough & powerful boats are found perpetually at work satisfying the needs of clients from California to New York, and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. They are designed and constructed in the San Francisco Bay Area at the Moose Boats facility within the Lind Marine shipyard complex at Vallejo, CA, USA.

Moose Boats can help you get your job in the water done safely and effectively. No nonsense. Serious boats. Click here to learn more.

Motorola Solutions 

Motorola Solutions keeps teams’ in your interagency operations connected, secured, and informed with converged voice, video, and data solutions. Our video surveillance and command software solutions inform decisions and make sense of threats using analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation so you produce timely intelligence. Our communications connect teams with unified platforms across any network, application, or device so you can act on it quickly. Meanwhile, our complete portfolio of cybersecurity products and services secures this sensitive information at-rest and in-transit.  Click here to learn more.




National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO)

The National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) is the unified maritime voice of the United States Intelligence Community (IC). It operates as an IC Service of Common Concern to integrate and streamline intelligence support, providing a whole of government solution to maritime information sharing challenges. Click here to learn more.





Nobeltec has been the leading manufacturer of PC based Marine Navigation software for over 30 years, used by Harbor Patrols, Coast Guards & Navies, around the world. Timezero Coastal Monitoring expands on this offering with a turn-key, off the shelf Marine Domaine Awareness solution. Partnered with Furuno, the world Leader in Marine Radar technology, Timezero Coastal Monitoring is a proven, easily deployable, cost-effective answer to your maritime security needs. Click here to learn more.



Observation Without Limits

Seaports, airports, and other critical infrastructure are evolving their physical security operations to a more automated, event-based approach that leverages all layers of security to address today’s threats – from drones to ground and water vehicles to humans. At Observation Without Limits (OWL), we’re dedicated to helping customers implement this new approach with our GroundAware® family of 2D and 3D digital radar systems that provide real-time situational awareness and longest lead-time responsiveness in all weather and lighting conditions at ranges up to 15 km. What’s the result? Our radar technology integrated with complementary capabilities delivers the visibility needed to address threats before they become actual problems. With 50 years’ experience working with radar and integrated security solutions, OWL is a Leidos-Dynetics business with R&D and manufacturing located in Huntsville, Alabama USA. Click here to learn more.


Ocean Power Technologies

Ocean Power Technologies provides intelligent maritime solutions and services that enable safer and more productive ocean operations for the defense and security, oil and gas, science and research, and offshore wind markets. Click here to learn more



ORBCOMM is a global leader in Industrial IoT solutions. Our pioneering technology empowers our customers with insight to make data-driven decisions that help them optimize their industrial operations and build a more sustainable future. ORBCOMM’s solutions address many sectors including Transportation, Maritime and Government. ORBCOMM is the originator of Satellite AIS technology for vessel tracking, and since 2008 has provided global AIS data to trusted governments and commercial partners around the world. ORBCOMM’s maritime portfolio includes solutions for small vessel tracking, dark vessel detection and the development of Satellite VDES (AIS 2.0). Click here to learn more.

Project Perfect Storm

Project Perfect Storm is a collaboration of a number of companies in the maritime industry that prioritizes operator readiness and safety above all else. This effort pulls together the most advanced capabilities in hull design, human factors, impact exposure and ergonomics into a concept that creates “A boat of the future” (BOTF). BOTF, through TMS Group LLC, conducts underway testing using inertial measuring units that validate all performance data in 6 degrees of freedom on the hull and three degrees of freedom on the human. Underway testing and our ability to showcase reliability through a subjective approach that is data driven reduces cost and assist the client in purchasing the best capability available.

Ocean Craft Perfect Storm Project meets all criteria for being a Boat of the Future. The perfect storm hull and transom bracket by Porta Performance creates lift and reduces impacts by minimizing the surface area that causes impact and unnecessary noise. Ullman Dynamics seats, and console design further reduces lateral and vertical impact exposure to the operator by aligning their body in neutral spine thus reducing fatigue and injury. As you can see, this collaboration becomes an orchestra where every instrument has to play its part in order to create the music that prevents injury and fatigue on the operator from the hull up to the human. We can replace a boat, but we can’t replace a spine. Stop by and visit Project Perfect Storm Booth at Maritime Security East to discuss how to enhance your operational readiness. Learn more by visiting booth 14

Valkyrie Enterprises, Inc. 

QPI is a Valkyrie Enterprise Operation. QPI is a value-added reseller for products and solutions to the US Government Agencies and commercial markets. We provide marketing, distribution, demonstration, engineering, assembly, and repair services to the companies we represent. We offer stand-alone high-end products or complete solutions tailored to meet the needs of the end user.

QPI is the U.S. Rep. for DSPNOR. DSPNOR is an independent small technology company located in Bergen, Norway. DSPNOR area of expertise is radar, radar signal processing, and distribution. DSPNOR’s products are capable of interfacing to virtually any radar system in use today.

Click here to learn more


Rhotheta has 30+ years of experience developing and delivering radio direction finders (RDFs) for air traffic control, coastal monitoring, public safety, search and rescue, and vessel traffic services. A Rhotheta RDF is an essential tool to track, locate, and recover personnel and assets. Rhotheta’s competitive edge results from a keen focus on optimal price/performance ratio, short lead times, and customer service. A commitment to quality and service is evidenced by an ISO 9001:2015 certification and a maximum 72-hour turnaround time for repairs. Worlwide organizations that depend on Rhotheta products include U.S.A.F Aux Civil Air Patrol, U.S.C.G., U.S. Law Enforcement, and Canadian C.G. Click here to learn more.


As a designer and builder of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), RIBCRAFT produces professional grade boats for military and law enforcement agencies, fire/rescue, and private industry. With models ranging from 14’ to 41’, RIBCRAFT offers RIBs and inflatables capable of fulfilling any mission. Click here to learn more.

SAFE Boats international

SAFE Boats International is a dynamic, industry-leading aluminum boat manufacturer specializing in platforms used in a wide variety of applications, including, but not limited to, military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and even pleasure. Click here to learn more.



Sandoval Custom Creations, Inc. (SCCI)

Sandoval Custom Creations, Inc. (SCCI) is at the forefront of maritime technological innovation, specializing in domain awareness, detailed investigations, and dynamic real-time alerting. Our flagship RAPTOR AI, coupled with a robust hardware platform, is designed to revolutionize the way you monitor and manage maritime activities. Imagine a system so advanced that it can seamlessly read vessel identification numbers (akin to license plate reading for boats), detect objects, recognize faces, and read automotive license plates—all simultaneously.

RAPTOR AI’s capabilities extend beyond mere identification; it can decipher identification numbers on watercraft, integrating this data with external databases for comprehensive analysis. This multi-functional system not only records and reports data but also enables efficient search functionalities and customizable alarms.
Our product has already become a staple tool for various marine and law enforcement agencies, evidencing its reliability and effectiveness in real-world applications. With SCCI’s RAPTOR AI, you’re not just investing in technology; you’re elevating your operational standards to new heights.  Click here to learn more.

Shoxs – United Safety and Survivability Corporation

Shoxs features a patented and revolutionary impact mitigation design using marinized air shock technology to reduce harmful physical impact and vibration on the boater when traveling through rough waters Shoxs specializes in marine shock mitigation technology whose mission is to create products that give our customers more days on the water. Click here to learn more.



Silverback Marine

Silverback Marine is a specialist boatbuilder located at the Port of Tacoma on Puget Sound, WA. With designs ranging from 18-50’, Silverback is particularly known for its high speed, long-range landing craft, and mission-specific work and patrol boats.

In addition to conventional power and control systems, Silverback is also a leader in electric powered vessels. Primarily utilizing welded aluminum construction for hull builds,  other specialist workboats include autonomous, amphibious, and HDPE constructed craft for a broad range of clients. Click here to learn more.


Silver Ships

Since its founding in 1985, Silver Ship’s vision is to provide customers with a boat designed, built, outfitted and best-suited to meet their operational needs while offering the maximum in crew safety and outstanding performance. These boats range in size from 21’ to 65’ in length, are built to American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards, can be built to U.S. Coast Guard Regulations for Inspected Vessels, if required, and are currently operating on a worldwide basis. Silver Ships’ product line includes all-welded aluminum boats used for applications such as: military, police, fire, rescue, EMS, patrol, utility, survey, landing craft, line handling, oil spill services, water sampling, water taxis, workboats, pilot boats and passenger boats. Silver Ships also offers a complete Refurbishment Program for all makes and models of aluminum workboats. Click here to learn more.


Spotter Global

Spotter Global was founded in 2008 to develop and manufacture Compact Surveillance Radar to protect troops deployed around the world from harm. In 2013 we saw the need for an innovative and user-friendly commercial product to protect critical infrastructure.

Spotter Global offers the broadest selection of Compact Surveillance Radar on the market today. Our products act as a complete security solution or customers can seamlessly integrate them into any existing security solution. Click here to learn more.


Techsphere North America

Techsphere provides a biometrics access control system that is TWIC compliant using the vein pattern on the back of the hand. While most TWIC Biometrics reader systems only provide compliance and security, an HVPR system goes beyond security and provides incredible throughput, efficiency and usability in harsh weather and environment. Join major ports by going beyond the fingerprint TWIC reader system and gain accuracy, speed, ruggedness, and security while staying TWIC compliant with HVPR. Click here to learn more.

Teledyne FLIR 

FLIR Maritime thermal imaging systems give you the power to see clearly in total darkness, through solar glare, and through light fog and smoke. FLIR’s thermal technology is used by thousands of military, first responder, commercial and recreational mariners every day for navigation, collision avoidance, threat detection, surveillance, and search and rescue missions.Click here to learn more.


With over 60 years of radar technology experience and over 3000 radar systems installed worldwide – including approximately 1000 Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS), 500 Coastal Surveillance (CS) sites, and 150 airport Surface Movement Radar (SMR) applications – Terma is the market leader in the defense, security and surveillance sector. Click here to learn more.


Tideman Marine

Tideman Marine provides HDPE hulls and custom marine products utilizing a thermoplastic welding fabrication process that provides lightweight, high-impact, UV-resistant, non-corrosive, low-maintenance solutions for the marine industry. Tideman Marine, a subsidiary of United Plastic Fabricating, has two USA based state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facilities with the latest cutting, routing, welding, and testing equipment. Tideman hulls are made for commercial duty missions that operate in the most demanding environments.
Click here to learn more.


UHU Technologies

UHU is a privately owned small business who has an extensive SIGINT receiver, antenna, and systems engineering background. UHU has developed a capable and mature Position, Navigation & Timing Situation Awareness (PNT-SA) capability that can detect, mitigate, and precisely geolocate the source of GPS jamming or spoofing threats. We have deep roots in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and radio location with decades of experience producing high performance hardware. We are applying our expertise to the protection of GPS receivers for critical infrastructure and NAVWAR applications using techniques borrowed from the SIGINT world.  Click here to learn more.


Windward is the leading maritime AI company, providing an all-in-one platform for all your maritime domain awareness needs. With real-time insights into vessel behavior, ownership structure, cargo, and containers, we help the world’s leading intelligence professionals to quickly complete all investigation processes, critical to developing and executing more confident intelligence-based strategic decisions. Click here to learn more.

Zodiac MilPro

Zodiac MilPro has more than 100 years of Zodiac technical heritage to draw from, with facilities in Spain, the USA, Canada and Australia. Zodiac MilPro vessels are used worldwide by navies as well as by fisheries, customs, rescue and other government authorities — including where boarding or naval interdiction operations are required in potentially dangerous situations, whether the danger can originate from sea conditions or a target vessel.  Click here to learn more.