Unlocking Maritime Security Excellence with Bruker: Your Trusted Partner in Chemical Standoff DetectioN

As the foremost authority in detection and identification technologies, Bruker stands at the forefront of safeguarding maritime landscapes against the ever-evolving threats posed by toxic agents and harmful materials. Our commitment to innovation places us as the industry leader, offering a suite of solutions that redefine safety standards.

Bruker empowers multiple ports with Maritime Domain Awareness, providing a common operating picture crucial for ensuring the safety of ports around the globe. Our cutting-edge chemical standoff detection capabilities equip border patrol inspectors with the tools needed to thwart the trafficking of illegal or dangerous goods, fortifying the security of maritime trade routes. The RAPIDplus is fielded with multiple Ports.

Our state-of-the-art detection and identification solutions go beyond conventional measures, meeting the stringent requirements for TSA air cargo screening. Bruker is your trusted ally in ensuring the safety of airports and critical infrastructure. Our DE-tector flex has been approved by TSA and has been added to the TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL), as meeting the U.S. regulatory screening requirements for air cargo security. 

We provide the technology needed to identify trace explosives, setting a new standard for security protocols. The RoadRunner offers the capability to process both vapors and swab samples giving benchtop sensitivity in a handheld design .

As a developer and manufacturer of high-performance scientific instruments, Bruker’s products are meticulously engineered to deliver state-of-the-art capabilities. Our unwavering commitment to continuous research and development ensures that our offerings remain best-in-class, setting the gold standard for security solutions.

Why Choose Bruker?

  • Proven Expertise: Recognized globally as a leader in detection and identification technologies.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From chemical standoff detection to air cargo screening, we have the solutions to meet diverse security needs.
  • Innovation at the Core: Our continuous investment in R&D ensures our products stay ahead of emerging threats.

Experience the Future of Security with Bruker and Join us in advancing maritime security. Visit our booth (23) at the 11th Annual Maritime Security East Conference to witness firsthand how Bruker’s technologies are reshaping the landscape of safety and security. Trust Bruker – where excellence meets innovation.


The RAPIDplus is a highly reliable and robust second generation stand-off detector that can automatically Detect, Identify and Monitor all known Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and important Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) at long distances. Click here to learn more 

DE-tector flex

The Bruker DE-tector flex is a trace detection system that fulfils the requirements of these two typical applications perfectly. By swabbing an individual’s property with a non-scratch, disposable swab and inserting it into DE-tector flex, traces of these two classes of substance can be identified automatically; and within a matter of seconds. Click here to learn more

The Bruker RoadRunner, an innovative, hand-held explosives and narcotics trace detector has passed the challenging ECAC testing protocol with outstanding results and is now the only handheld explosives trace detection instrument (ETD) on the market that meets ECAC standards for both, passenger and cargo screening using hand or wand sampling. Click here to learn more.  

For more information, visit https://www.bruker.com/en/products-and-solutions.html or contact us at ETD@brukerdetection.us.