George Lane

Director Chemical Security
Emergency Response Technology

George Lane has 31 years of experience in sales marketing, designing, and implementing solutions for HazMat threats and risks to mitigate gaps in security for governmental agencies and industry, enhancing situational awareness and providing a Common Operating Picture for emergency managers using standoff chemical detectors. Lane is Director of HazMat Security for Emergency Response Technology based in Baton Rouge. 

Lane implemented an emergency response network providing two standoff chemical detectors, one mobile for the City of New Orleans and one fixed for the Port of New Orleans, judged ‘Best Integrated Seaport Security Program’ by Government Security News (GSN) in 2014; ‘GSN 2014 Digital Yearbook of Airport/Seaport/Border Security Awards’, pages 48-49;

Lane was Air Quality SME for Deepwater Horizon Study Group at University of Berkeley Center for Catastrophic Risk Management during the BP Oil Spill 2010-2011. Managed risk assessment of chemical sensors used by USEPA during the BP Oil Spill to determine chemical sensor methodologies and limitations: (” )

Prior homeland security teaching experience:

  • Adjunct Professor: Tulane University, Homeland Security program, “Weapons of Mass Destruction Science and Policy” (New Orleans) (2014-2016)
  • Adjunct Professor: University of Georgia at Griffin, Homeland Security & Emergency Management Institute, “Technologies of Homeland Security”; (Griffin GA) (2011 – 2013)
  • Adjunct Professor: Chemistry, LSU Fire & Emergency Training Institute; (Baton Rouge (1998-2000)