Scott Porta

Porta Products

Scott Porta has been making boats go fast since 1973. Scott’s passion for fast boats has taken him on an adventure.  This included building a business of manufacturing boats to redesigning running surfaces for several manufacturers to enhance efficiency, ride quality, acceleration, top speed, and handling.

Scott is well known in the marine industry largely for the Porta Hydraulic Transom Bracket, manufactured in New Smyrna Beach, FL, for the last 32 years with thousands in daily service.  The Porta hydraulic transom lift system is sold worldwide and enjoys a range of applications from commercial and recreational fishing to performance boats, offshore racing, and military pursuit vessels.

Scott’s talents have comfortably merged into the sport of offshore racing. Using the Porta Hydraulic Transom Brackets along with extensive hydrodynamic innovations and aerodynamic upgrades have served him well. 

He has established himself, over the last 5 years, in the APBA Super Stock Catamaran class with 11 World and National Championship Offshore Points Championship titles, a triple crown win, and induction into the APBA Hall of Champions. He now serves as a co-chairman of the Offshore Racing division of the American Power Boat Association.

Scott has now focused on designing and building revolutionary new hullforms that increase speed and range as well as greatly reduce shock and impact to the passengers. He has combined the use of the variably adjustable, cockpit-controlled Porta Hydraulic Transom Lift system with his new strake-less hullform/running surface to design and build the Boat of the Future.