Ronald E. Carpenter

Chief Warrant Officer Five (Ret.), U.S. Navy
President, ULlman Dynamics USA

Ronald E. Carpenter was born on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. He joined the U.S. Navy after graduating high school and served honorably for over 32 years with 28 years in Special Operations Special Boat Teams. He is a combat veteran with extensive experience leading Detachments and Troops while carrying out Special Operations missions. He is one of the first two Warrant Officers in the history of the Special Boat Teams to be promoted to W5, has earned two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Education and Business, and completed his Master’s in business.

He has participated in Maritime Special Operations throughout the world in 48 countries to include the Middle East (Operation Iraqi Freedom), Central and South America (Counter Drug Operations), Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa (Operation Enduring freedom). His Troop Commander Assignments include Riverine Task Unit Five Al Anbar Province Iraq 2007 (awarded the bronze star), and Boat Troop Five Commander Republic of the Philippines 2009 (awarded the bronze star). He has extensive experience in mission planning, maritime tactics, intel fusion, maritime and ground escort movements, maritime support vessel concept integration, DOD acquisition and human factors associated with speed boats.

He Serves as the President of Ullman Dynamics USA LLC. and leads a company of seasoned professionals whose sole purpose is protecting people through innovation in console ergonomics and suspension seats that mitigate whole-body vibration, lateral and vertical shock in excess of 25G of force. His company consistently produces high quality products and deliverables such as complimentary step drawings for boat layout aligned with Ullman seats that reduces injury and fatigue, as well as underway 3-dimensional underway impact testing to determine levels of impacts boat operators are sustaining.

Escaping the negative impact of growing up on welfare, on the South Side of Chicago, he continues to mentor our future generation living in at-risk neighborhoods though motivational speaking and reinforcing the fact that our past isn’t our prison. He has spoken to over 15,000 parents, teachers, and students. His goal is to improve their self-worth, inspire ambition and achievement while reducing negative behaviors through encouragement and life lessons. He will continue to “Reach One To Teach One” so that our future generation can live to tell their story.